Kamal Hatta’s Theory: 15th General Election-Zuraida is more than capable in retaining the Ampang Parliament seat!

The Minister of Housing and Local Government, Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin is seen to be able to gain the support of the majority of the Ampang residents as well as defending the Ampang Parliamentary seats which she won in the last General Election.

Rumors that the Minister’s position in defending Ampang is getting thinner due to the tastes of the Ampang Community are increasingly inclined to support PH is a stale speculation that is often played by the opposition.

Studies from ‘The Malaysian Gazette’ reported that the Ampang Community is still very supportive and very satisfied with Zuraida’s performance who according to them has never neglected her responsibilities towards her voters and the Ampang Community, regardless of Malay, Chinese and Indians.

Since the PKP control order was implimented in March last year and the people were not allowed to carry out activities and congregational prayers during the fasting month, Zuraida has never forgotten to channel aid and allocations to Mosques and Surau’s around Ampang ever since she was elected Members of Parliament for Ampang.

Many issues faced by the local comnunity are resolved by the MP’s herself by often going down to field to meet the residents and listen to their problems. This is also one of the factors why Zuraida Kamaruddin is very liked by the Ampang Community. If assessing the potential is only based on the political situation of the scope of the opposition,it seems as if Zuraida is potrayed as lifeless,due to the demographic factors of Ampang’s mixed voters.

The fact is Malay Voters are expected to still votes solidly for Zuraida in the coming General Election. Because of the factors, PKR is then seen to highlight Dato Hans Isaac whom they recognised as an early potential candidate in challenging and defeating Zuraida for the Ampang Parliament seat.

PKR will obviously wants to make Hans Isaac,an actor and film director,as an instrument to attract non malay voters.

Obviously the talk of the party is seen as more difficult thus Hans Isaac will face pressure in his efforts trying to attract votes within institution of Malay Mosques and Surau’s.
May it be Hans Isaac, Nurul Izzah or the Selangor’s Mentri Besar, Amiruddin Shaari, PKR’s early lineup for the Ampang Parliament seats, Zuraida Kamaruddin is more than ready to face and defend her constituency.

Kamal Hatta is former Reformasi 98 activist.

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