Kamal Hatta’s Theory: Selangor’s PH failed to control the spread of Covid 19.

New daily positive cases reported since 11th May in Selangor;

10.5.2021: +1,149
11.5.2021: +1,328
12.5.2021: +2,082
13.5.2021: +1,783
14.5.2021: +1,269
15.5.2021: +1,507
16.5.2021: +1,275

Source from Crisis Preparedness and Response Center (CPRC), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

It is very embarrasing when some PH elected representitives try to dispute the action of the Central Government (Perikatan Nasional) in announcing MCO in six districts in Selangor. They claim that the implimentation of MCO is confusing and mis leading.

Why did the PH assemblymen criticize the PN Government when the implimentation of MCO in six districts in Selangor was at the request of the Selangor Government itself and even the Selangor Menteri Besar, Amirudin Shari clearly told Selangor that MCO was needed to control the spread of Covid19.

Dr.Dzulkefly, the elected representative from Kuala Selangor who was appointed to lead the Covid 19 Task Selangor Force failed miserably to carry out the responsibilities given to him. As the head of the Task Force in Selangor, it is annoying when Dr.Dzulkefly blames the Federal Government under the leadership of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for allegedly failing to provide daily information on the Covid case. Didn’t Dr.Dzulkefly ever be the Minister of Health when PH was in power. He should have been more sensitive to such things.

Amirudin Shari and Dr.Dzulkefly have become an element of failure to manage the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic in Selangor and they should be blamed by the People of Selangor for the high rise of Covid cases in Selangor.

In fact from day to day, Selangor is seen to continue to lead the Top Chart of the increase in daily Covid 19 cases at the National level surpassing Sabah which previously often occupied the Top Chart. Is this something that the People of Selangor can be proud of???
Wasn’t Dr.Dzulkefly ever be the Minister of Health when PH was in power. He should have been more sensitive to such things.

There are also PH elected representitive in Selangor trying to build a new narrative by using the issue of the spread of Covid 19 epidemic which has increased by massacring and making strong criticism that the Federal Government is a ‘Tyrannical Minority Government’ for letting the peole being exposed to Covid 19. They are trying to divert the real issue and blame the PN Government when the real mistake was from PH itself which allowed the entry of Chinese from China into Malaysia even when early warning was issued by WHO, during the early stages on the rise of Covid 19.

Wasn’t Dr.Dzulkefly himself the Minister of Health when PH ruled after the 14th General Election??? Why must he point the finger at the Federal Government which is seen to be working round the clock to address the Covid 19 issue from spreading???

To Amirudin Shari and Dr.Dzulkefly, don’t run from your responsibilities. Stop fooling Selangor Citizens with fairy tales stories and misleading informations. Get rid of your egoes which is seen as more important to the Party (Opposition) than working together with the Federal Government for the sake of the Selangor and its Citizens. _PPI

Kamal Hatta is a former Reformasi 98 activist.

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