Solidarity Towards Palestine, Zuraida Kamaruddin contributed RM1 Million

YB Datuk Hajah Zuraida Kamaruddin, Ampang’s MP and Minister of Housing and Local Government presented a RM 1 Million contribution to Palestine.

The contribution is a sign of solidarity from Malaysian’s to the Palestinian People who are daily bombed, massacred, tortured and facing the atrocities and oppression of the Israeli Regime.

“As a sign of solidarity,I represents the National Community Movement (better known as PKN) and The Malaysian Women’s Political Leadership Council (COMWEL)in contributing RM1 Million especially to women and children of Palestine.” Zuraida said during the live IG Women Session Of The World With Palestine.

Zuraida who is also the Patron of PKN, called for Israeli atrocities to be stopped, adding that the Palestinian issue is a Global humanitarian issue that needs to be confronted by international community.

“As human beings, we values such as love, tolerance, considerations, respect and cooperation. This must always be inculcated in human beings to create a more peaceful and harmonious world.” she added.

In her speech, Zuraida also urged on Muslims worldwide and especially in Malaysia, to pray for the safety and well being of Palestinians and call on Muslim Worldwide to continue protesting as a sign of Solidarity with Palestine.

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