BizCommunity Portal:From Community to Community

Minister for Housing and Local Government, YB Datuk Hjh.Zuraida Kamaruddin continues to seek initiatives in helping to improve and upgrade urban resident areas.

As such,the BizCommunity Portal was launched under the Urban Wellbeing Program(Program Kesejahteraan Bandar) targetting traders and service providers at the local community level.

On the BizCommunity Portal,12 KPKT target service can be accessed. Among them are Health Services, Food and Education. For local residents, registration to join under the BizCommunity Portal is free and they can easily market their products or services based on their talents or individual skills.

Currently, there are a total of more than 400 service providers such as Transportation, Home Improvements and Personal Decorations.

For those interested in joining the BizCommunity Portal, they can easily browse website. Business data and services shared are guaranteed security by KPKT and easy to use.

This initiative is expected to improve from time to time and its use be expanded among urban community uses.

In particular, it is hope that this BizCommunity one day will not only be the Digital Marketing spaces for traders but also local community will benefitted the use of the service provider at cheap and affordable prices.

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