Communications Ministry and TM sets up special committee to identify areas without internet

To address connectivity issues raised by students studying from home, the Communications and Multimedia Ministry in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia (TM) has setup a special committee to identify areas without internet access or have poor coverage. Deputy Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin said the special committee will go on ground to see the monitor these areas and take immediate action.

He shared that since online learning (PdPR) was implemented, they have received information that students have to walk long distances from their homes just to obtain a stable internet connection. He added that through the committee, they will be able to overcome the problem of no internet access or poor coverage not only in the rural areas and interiors but also in security areas such as police stations and army camps.

Besides TM, his ministry is also requesting other telcos to assist in ensuring rural areas could get good internet access. With the committee, they would want to know from telcos why certain areas have no internet access or poor coverage and what measures can be taken to overcome the problem since they are working towards increasing 4G coverage nationwide.

He also added that the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia has also allocated RM15 million to the Ministry of Education to buy devices for poor pupils for their online studies.diagram, timeline© Provided by Soya Cincau

Under the current JENDELA plan, Malaysia aims to increase 4G population coverage to 96.9% by the end of 2022 while upgrading the average mobile speed to 35Mbps. According to the current stats by Ookla’s Speedtest, the current average mobile speed is 27.52Mbps and it has dropped 5 spots from #81 to #86 on its global index.diagram© Provided by Soya Cincau

Prior to this, the MCMC has also announced that they are working on a JENDELA Map which will give a clear overview of Malaysia’s digital infrastructure and availability of digital connectivity for all parties. Consumers can also report areas with no broadband coverage and submit a request for new demand. Once a request is submitted through the platform, the MCMC and telcos will have to look into resolving the issue and provide updates to the public on the status of network expansion. – SOYA CINCAU

by Alexander Wong

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