JBPM: National Hero,Your Services Remembered.

In conjunction with The World Firefighters Day, lets dive deep within and respect the responsibilities and appreciate the works of a firefighter in our country.

The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia,better known as Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) is currently under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government as a result of the merger of PBM, a department at the Federal level with Fire and rescue in the Federal States.

Among other tasks carried out by this department includes extingushing, resisting, preventing and controlling fires as well as protecting and saving lives and property.

The hardwork maintained by JPBM is very unrequilled even though firefighters are celebrated every year in celebration of World Firefighters Day.

This year, World Firefighters Day are celebrated in a simple way due to the Pandemic Covid 19 outbreak. During the celebration in Malaysia, JPBM paraded, raised flags including sounding sirens and lighting light simultaneously at 322 halls nationwide as a symbol commemoration of the services and sacrifies of firefighters.

JPBM also held Yassin readings and tahlil as well as live talk sessions on Facebook and Social Media.

People of Malaysia have always remembered and salute the services and sacrifies of firefighters by posting speeches on sosial media in conjunction with this year World Firefighters day celebrated on the 4 th of May 2021.
Full Salute to Our Firefighters .
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