Ministry of Housing and Local Governance and Folklore From Mount Ubasuteyama

Many years ago in Japan, according to folklore, there is a mountain named Mount Ubasuteyama.

History has it that it became a tradition in Japan to dump their elderly family members once they were seen as burden or unable to works on this mountain.

It is narrated that a man carried his elderly mother to the mountain to be dumbed. On the way, his old mother broke twigs altenately wiping the sweat of her child carrying her.

“My child, I don’t want you to get lost in this mountain after leaving me.” she said after realising her son was surprised by her action of breaking the tree branch.

Her child then cried and brought back his old mother home.

Feel touched by this story??? Just feeling touched isn’t enough. Old and elderly family members should be given protection, cared and a place to be looked after.

Based on this story, KPKT under YB Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin sets up the National Affordable Housing Policy (NAHP).

Under this policy,senior citizens friendly housing is being implimented in preparation for the status of ‘Old Community’ by 2025. Under this initiative,a total of 20 senior citizens friendly housing units are allocated for each housing block, to provide convenience for children who wants to take care of their parents.

Facilities available at the elderly-friendly residence are toilets and larger doors for more comfortable passage for wheelchair users.

The objective is clear, to create a healthy community of senior citizens and enable them to interact and perform appropriate activities to intensify mental and physical health for the sake of lifelong and education.
Congratulation to KPKT and YB Zuraida.
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