National Solid Waste Management Department (JPSPN): Be Angry, No Time For That!

By Ahmad Roi

Statistic shows that an average Malaysian can be a good garbage throwers.

Malaysian’s produce an average 37,890 tonnes of waste per day with an estimated 1.17 kilograms being generated by individuals, as shown by SWCorp data.

Statistics also shows that Malaysians are lazy to segregate or manage waste for the purpose of recycling the waste produced.

In 2018, only 10% of the 1.25 million multi storey duelling implimented solid waste segregation on their respective premises despite the three years since the rule was implimented.

This only shows that occupants of 1,125,000 multi storey premises are still reluctant to make waste segregation a practice.

Sad to say,the Covid19 epidemic has worsen the situation. Jabatan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal Negara (JPSPN) this year has recorded the highest National Recycling rate in the history of the recycling program, at 30.67 % (4.267 million tonnes) and JPSPN has no time to angry.

Worst yet, this year National Recycling rate has surpassed the 30 % target .

Amongst the types of recycled waste collected were mostly plastics (2.76 million tonnes), paper (0.513 million tonnes), metals (0.934 million tonnes), glass (0.05 million tonnes) and others (0.02 million tonnes).

Hopefully,this data’s and statistics will open our eyes and gives us the conviction to be more responsibility and reliable/good citizens before throwing away trashes.
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