Vaccination Program Not As Bad As Expected, Compliments to Our Frontliners

Most people being vaccinated were fully satisfied and full of praise towards the service provided by frontliners including Doctors, Nurses, Health Officers, together with Volunteers staff and Rela personels involved at the Vaccination Centre (PPV) at Balek Pulau Sports Complex, Penang.

Based on a brief visit between Yb Zuraida Kamaruddin, The Minister for Housing and Local Government with vaccine recipients last Saturday, most recipients presents are senior citizens and they were caught by surprise by the presence of Zuraida and greeted personally and some even being interviewed by her.

When asked by reporters about the effectiveness of the Community Vaccine Mobilization (MOVAK) program, a joint initiative between the Housing and Local Government and the Ministry of National Unity, Zuraida emphasize the program had a very positive impact on the presentage of those who attend at PPV.

“Alhamdulillah,when we call and asked them to attend the vaccination program,they feel grateful,moved and appreciate our effords.”

The National Vaccination rate under the National Covid19 Immunization Program(PICK) has increased dramatically from 200,000 to date to 400,000 a day comes August.

Given the current vaccine rate, it is predicted that by September this year, Malaysia will be able to reach more than 70% of the total population being vaccinated.
_PPI Article

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