Volunteer Coordination Intensified The National Vaccination Movement

Ministry of Housing and Local Government, YB Datuk Hajah Zuraida Kamaruddin in her special appearance on RTM 1 emphasized that the target of 80% ‘Herd Immunity’ can be achieve this year through the movement and collaboration of NGO’s and volunteers.

The ‘Bicara Politikonomi’ programme which was aired on RTM1 was YB Zuraida’s second appearances in the show.

“I stressed on the continuous efforts mobilised by NGO’s such as The National Community Mobilizer Volunteer Coordination (better known as PKN) and the Rukun Tetangga Area (KRT) in smoothing the National Vaccination Program.

“Now this vaccination system has started to stabilize. All the Ministry’s machinery have been deployed by the Prime Minister to help move the vaccination process.” added Zuraida.

According to Zuraida, the initiative through the efforts of NGO’s and volunteers was created in support of the National Vaccination Eco-system.

During the initial stages of implimentation, there was no coordination until there was a situation where the community did not respond to ‘MySejahtera’ and some did not attend the first and second dose vaccine appointment.

She further explained that the efforts and strategies used by this NGO’s are as a liason for the Government and the community to ensure the people awareness of the benefits of the Covid19 vaccine as well as to ensure that nominees who have received a vaccination appointment attend the PPV.

The large scale vaccination mobilization movement that was pioneered and started in Ampang was assisted by the units established, namely the Telephone Call Unit, Vaccine Recipients Mobilization Unit and the Community Outreach Unit.

Zuraida also added that the Joint Venture with Ummah Mobile Clinic to help the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) team for the clinic to move for the purposes of vaccination to the grassroots level if the MOH is ready for related purposes.

This initiative which has been started in Ampang since the beginning of this month will also be expanded in Selangor and then throughout Malaysia.
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