Stop Politicising ‘BenderaPutih’ issue

KUALA LUMPUR :- The National Community Movement (PKN) urged all political parties, especially the opposition to set aside political differences and join hands together in helping Malaysians in dire needs during Covid-19 pandemic.

Selangor PKN secretary, Muhamad Shazlee Muhamad Nazlee said labelling the Government as ‘Kerajaan Gagal’ will not help the ‘Rakyat’ but making things worse by stopping aids from reaching those in needs.

“Stop politicising and manipulating Malaysians on the ‘BenderaPutih’ campaign. The campaign is a citizens’ initiative and effort in helping community in distress around their neighbourhood. The campaign’s objective is to wave the ‘benderaputih’, so that immediate help can be received. So this campaign should be treated without any hidden agenda or personal intention.”

“It should be considered as an additional platform to help those who are desperate during this pandemic,” he emphasized.

Earlier this week, Minister of Housing and Local Government YB Zuraida Kamaruddin expressed her full support towards the ‘BenderaPutih’ campaign.

“I am together in this ‘BenderaPutih’ campaign to identify those who need help. No need to beg, no need to be ashamed, just wave ‘BenderaPutih’ in front of your house and help will be on its way,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, Shazlee expressed his regret when the opposition misunderstood Zuraida’s solidarity on the campaign.

“YB Zuraida puts aside political differences and personal interest by participating and supporting the campaign. Her objective is to see that no family will be left, as aligned with her ‘Action Beyond Politics’ policy which was introduced since last year,” he said.

Shazlee also reminded the opposition to not destroy or tarnish the ‘BenderaPutih’ campaign by politicising the issue, but participate sincerely, so that many families will benefit from this campaign.

He further advised the Pakatan Harapan Youth not to use the’ campaign as a tool to emphasize on Government’s weakness, stressing that such nonsense only leads to many families not getting the help they need.

Sumber : Malaysia Gazzette

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