Menstrual Health Campaign against Period Poverty

AMPANG, AUGUST 5: Kit Prihatin Perempuan or Chari-pad, is an initiative by the Housing and Local Government Minister, YB Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin, and is implemented by Persatuan Anak-Anakmu Selangor in collaboration with Penggerak Wanita Muda Negara (Selangor) and Girl2Leader.

The women’s menstrual kit contains reusable menstrual pads, disposable pads, a menstrual cup, a feminine hygiene wash, and is targeted at teenagers from aged 9 – 17 from lower-income families living at public housing areas.

“My team did a survey on those living in PPR homes and found out that there were girls who did not have access to female hygiene items.

“Period Poverty is happening, even before Covid-19, and it is also happening in urban areas, especially in PPR homes.

“We want to ensure that these girls are equipped with proper feminine hygiene items for their health and well-being,” said YB Datuk Zuraida yesterday, adding that girls should not be stigmatised or made to feel inferior for not being able to afford these items.

“That is why we embarked on this programme. Due to Covid-19, we deliver the ‘Kit Prihatin Perempuan’ to those who register.”

The first phase was rolled out two weeks ago to applicants from Selangor. Conditions for eligibility is that the girls must be from the B40 group and a resident of Selangor. Applications may be made by representatives, parents, or guardians of the girls.

“The point that we want to make is that girls are girls, and we want to increase their confidence. We do not want them to feel marginalized due to their social status,” she said.

Those who are interested to receive the ‘Kit Prihatin Perempuan’ may sign up at – PPI

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