News | Covid-19 cases in Sabah will continue to rise unless more people get vaccinated

KOTA KINABALU: The number of Covid-19 cases in Sabah is expected to rise, said Sabah Covid-19 spokesman Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun.

“In a situation where the virus is already in the community and easily spreading, we are racing to catch up with the time to vaccinate everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated at an immediate rate.

“This means that new cases will continue to be in high numbers until more people get the vaccine.

“Cases will only start to decline when we manage to vaccinate the population at a significant percentage level,” he said in a statement.

Masidi added there was only 17.6 per cent of the eligible population in Sabah who have received full vaccination for Covid-19 while 40.8 per cent have received their first dose.

As of Aug 9, a total of 1,126,645 first vaccine doses were administered, which means 40.8 per cent of Sabah’s adult population had received at least the first dose of vaccines.

However, the number of those who have completed their second dose is still low, at 17.6 per cent (485,880 doses).

Masidi said efforts continue to be made by the Sabah government to enhance the Sabah Health Department’s ability to inoculate the public while ensuring an adequate supply of vaccines in the state.

Today, Sabah recorded 1,383 Covid-19 cases with 12 fatalities in Tawau (five), Sandakan (three), and one each in Keningau, Telupid, Kota Kinabalu and Tenom.

Masidi said close contact screenings continue to be the highest contributor of daily Covid-19 cases in Sabah at 54.16 per cent or 749 cases.

This, he said, was followed by symptomatic screening at 23.28 per cent (322), clusters 8.03 per cent (111) and 5.28 per cent (73) through targeted screening.

He reminded everyone to strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOP) to stop the spread.

“The high number of cases involving close contact is an indication that some of us are still negligent in complying with SOPs.

“It is also a reminder to reduce social activities with friends so that we are not exposed to the risk of Covid-19 infection. Some Covid-19 carriers show no symptoms but can pass it on.

“Sabah people can play an important role in controlling the spread of this viral infection by practicing high discipline and personal health care by adhering to all SOPs,” he said.

A new cluster was recorded in Ranau, dubbed the Timbua cluster, from an ‘Ibadah Korban’ gathering at Timbua mosque.

The index case was a male cancer patient, 52, who tested positive on July 23 during a pre-admission screening to the ward.

The said patient had infected his guardian.

“Of the 240 contacts screened, 48 were positive while 95 were negative. Another 97 contacts are still waiting for the results of the screening test.

“Apart from Kampung Timbua, the cluster involved community transmission in several other localities, among them, in Kampung Lembah Permai, Kampung Kembiroi, Kampung Merungin 2 and Ranau police station quarters,” he said. – NST ONLINE

by Ersie Anjumin

credit photo: NSTP archive

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