News | Muhyiddin has lost majority but don’t count him out yet, say analysts

PETALING JAYA: Analysts agree that statements from MPs indicate Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has now lost majority support but they say he will likely remain safe at least until Parliament sits or the Yang di-Pertuan Agong calls for a head count.

Awang Azman Pawi of Universiti Malaya said Muhyiddin held an advantage in the current power play because of his control over the Registrar of Societies and other government agencies.

He also spoke of a possibility that some opposition MPs might have struck an understanding with Muhyiddin’s Bersatu and agreed to absent themselves from Parliament if a vote of no confidence were to be scheduled.

“Some may call in sick or may give some other excuses, giving Muhyiddin the advantage,” he said.

According to reports, 15 MPs from Umno had withdrawn support for Muhyiddin and his administration either through public declarations or statutory declarations.

The opposition bloc has 105 MPs and they are from Pejuang, DAP, PKR, Warisan, Parti Sarawak Bersatu, MUDA and Amanah. One of them is Maszlee Malik, an independent. With 15 MPs from Umno, those against Muhyiddin add up to 120 out of the total 220 MPs.

Kenneth Cheng of the civic group Agora Society said it was beyond reasonable doubt that Muhyiddin had lost the support of the majority of the MPs and it was now up to the MPs themselves to decide if they would accept a minority government.

He noted that Istana Negara had not made any statement and said this was perhaps to allow MPs to decide the matter in Parliament.

He said it was possible that the King would either release a statement calling for an immediate Parliament sitting to take a no-confidence vote or publicly confirm that Muhyiddin had lost his majority after speaking to MPs.

Sivamurugan Pandian of Universiti Sains Malaysia said some MPs might support both sides by signing statutory declarations or not taking part in the vote.

He said the matter would be resolved only by a statement from the King or the no-confidence vote. – FMT

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