News | Bangi MP opens doors for talks with govt, but netizens slam it shut

PETALING JAYA: Ong Kian Ming took to Twitter this evening to express an openness to discussing Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin’s proposals only to be met with an almost blanket disapproval by his followers.

During a televised address, Muhyiddin had proposed a number of reforms should he win September’s confidence vote, including term limits for prime ministers, equal allocations for MPs, anti-party hopping legislation and a bevy of others.

In response, the Bangi MP tweeted that the proposed institutional reforms could have a lasting impact on Malaysian politics if passed.

“I think that all political parties should sit down to discuss if these terms are acceptable or not, no?” he posed.

It was quickly apparent that most did not share the DAP man’s sentiments.

“Utterly disappointed with you YB,” commented @45Fortify, “might as well announce your resignation from my party.”

“They had more than a year to do the reforms if they truly wanted to do it. Yet they tried everything to keep hold to the power. You think the same bunch of people (are) really interested with reforms?”

@A_lmTweets said something similar, threatening to pull their support for Ong.

“If you agree (with Muhyiddin), I won’t vote for you in the next election. Enough is enough.”

Firdaus Abdullah, in one of the more ‘likes’ responses, questioned Ong’s loyalty to the DAP.

“Are you part of Moo’s sleeper cell in DAP?”

He was not the only one to question the MP’s loyalty.

“OMG!!!!! Can’t you differentiate between OPEN bribery and genuine reforms???!!!,” asked an irate @PnuttYusof.

“And to think you are my MP, I voted for you!! You ni double agent ke ni?” – FMT

One Comment on “News | Bangi MP opens doors for talks with govt, but netizens slam it shut

  1. Ong, u so much tempted by the PM offer that u hve lost your integrity in suggesting to discuss the offer.
    U just not fit to be the MP for the Rakyat. Shame on you.


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