News | Bosses group thanks Muhyiddin, Miti for pro-business policies

The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) today thanked Muhyiddin Yassin and his Cabinet for what it described as industry-friendly policies, saying constant engagement was held with all stakeholders on the needs of the business sectors.

It said the international trade and industry ministry had played an integral role in managing the Covid-19 SOPs as well as the Pikas public-private initiative to encourage vaccination within the private sector.

It likewise voiced appreciation for the human resources ministry and its agencies including Socso.

“MEF had access to many high-level platforms such as the National TVET Council, the National Employment Council and the Economic Recovery Council, and we thank the past government for all that was done for the employers and the country,” MEF president Syed Hussain Syed Husman said in a statement.

“These engagements were supported by the provision of financial aid to employers and the people with the implementation of strategic initiatives such as Prihatin, Penjana, Pemerkasa, Laksana and Pemulih which supported business continuity, job creation and livelihoods.”

He also thanked the Perikatan Nasional government for allowing companies classified as non-essential under Phase One of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) to reopen this week.

“This has provided much relief to the SMEs and micro enterprises that were classified as non-essential under Phase One of the NRP, and MEF is grateful for this,” he said. – MALAYSIA NOW

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