News | The show must go on, as Malaysia’s film industry resumes for those who have been fully vaccinated

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 — The Film Directors Association of Malaysia (FDAM) has urged all the local filmmakers to verify that each and everyone in their production unit has received full vaccination.

President Dr.Ahmad Ibrahim said the move is to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort on location.

He said that FDAM has alerted filmmakers to file a complaint against participants who refused to receive vaccination, reported Harian Metro.

“We don’t want unvaccinated individuals on set who might get exposed to the virus and spread the infection to other participants.

“We will not accept art practitioners to work in the field without two doses of vaccine.”

Ibrahim added that FDAM will not make it mandatory for those who oppose vaccination, but at the same time, it will not compromise on matters relating to the production process.

He also urged the government to take necessary action on fake immunisation certificates.

“This is not a demand, but a condition imposed by the government. 

“We will also not compromise with those who reject the vaccine.

“Our goal is to ensure that no one comes with a fake vaccination certificate to work. 

“I request the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and take necessary action to avoid this, causing inconvenience to many people,” he said. .Rosyam Nor wearing a suit and tie: Datuk Rosyam Nor advised celebrities to withdraw from shooting if they are not willing to get vaccinated. — Picture by Choo Choy May

Mail Datuk Rosyam Nor advised celebrities to withdraw from shooting if they are not willing to get vaccinated. — Picture by Choo Choy May

Actor and producer Datuk Rosyam Nor too said that artists must be accountable and compliant with the government’s requirements before entering the film set.

Individuals who decline the vaccination should withdraw from being part of a filming project in order to ensure that the freedom provided is not taken away, he told mStar.

“It’s better to withdraw if you don’t want to get vaccinated. 

“Don’t trouble others because everybody wants to work.

“We don’t mind if you don’t want to get your vaccine shots but don’t bother other people, we all want to work happily.

“Many people are facing problems and hardships during the pandemic. We all have to work together to curb the spread of Covid-19  and regenerate the country’s economy,” said Rosyam.

Actress Fauziah Nawi expressed her concern that the government may go back on the allowance granted to the creative industry to resume activities due to the controversial refusal of several individuals. – MALAYMAIL

by Sivaa Tangai Raju

credit photo: WSJ

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