News | Covid-19 (Jan 28): New cases hits 7 week high at 5,522

The Health Ministry today announced 5,522 new Covid-19 cases – the highest since Dec 3 last year.

As of yesterday, 946 people were hospitalised for Covid-19 nationwide. This is level not seen since Dec 4 last year.

The R-naught, reported last night, was 1.15. A R-naught of above 1.00 suggests that the spread of Covid-19 was accelerating.

The only regions where the R-naught is less than 1.00 are Labuan, Perak, Terengganu, Sarawak and Perlis.

The highest R-naught is in Negeri Sembilan (1.21).

Nationally, hospital admissions of confirmed Covid-19 patients have risen, increasing by 117 percent in the last seven days compared to the preceding week.

The breakdown of new cases according to states will only be published after midnight. Here are the figures from yesterday (Jan 27) when 5,439 new cases were reported:

Selangor (1,355)

Johor (805)

Kedah (428)

Kuala Lumpur (420)

Penang (396)

Kelantan (395)

Negeri Sembilan (393)

Sabah (342)

Pahang (300)

Malacca (299)

Perak (142)

Terengganu (68)

Putrajaya (43)

Sarawak (19)

Labuan (18)

Perlis (16)

by: MalaysiaKini

credit photo: CTVNews

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