News | Chinese support shifting to BN, even in urban areas, claims Najib

JOHOR BAHRU: The Chinese community in Johor is shifting its support to Barisan Nasional, even in urban areas, claims former prime minister Najib Razak.

Citing his experience meeting with voters in Chinese-majority areas over the past few days, Najib said the community had been responding positively and attending programmes organised by BN, unlike during GE14.

“I hope this translates into strong support for BN on March 12 (polling day) and  BN wins the Perling seat,” he said during a press conference after a campaign event with BN’s candidate for the seat, Tan Hiang Kee.

The Pekan MP also believed that young Chinese voters were also leaning towards BN, claiming he had seen several first-time voters wearing “Bossku” shirts, which referred to his tagline “Malu Apa Bossku”.

He believed MCA had a better chance of winning seats in this state elections compared to GE14, but nevertheless said he did not wish to make any predictions yet.

“Although the support and response here and other places have been very encouraging, it must be translated into votes come March 12.”

Najib said it would not be impossible for Tan to spring a surprise win at the polls, with the MCA man set to face off against Johor DAP chief Liew Chin Tong in a three-cornered fight for the seat.

“(Chinese) voters have been deceived before and they’re disappointed with the DAP.

“Businessmen and the Chinese community have not been served well by the DAP during its 22 months in power. They now say BN is far better.” – FMT

by: Faiz Zainudin

Credit photo: PolicyForum

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