News | Over RM1mil deducted from 20 CIMB customers’ accounts today, says lawyer

GEORGE TOWN: Some 20 CIMB customers claimed that large sums of money were deducted from their respective savings accounts today, a lawyer representing them said.

Those affected were the owners of accounts that were accidentally credited twice due to a bank’s third-party processing error last month and were later claimed to be frozen.

In an immediate reply, CIMB said those who had their accounts debited today had been told about it earlier as they had refused to entertain attempts by the bank to reach a fair resolution.

Lawyer Nazmi Mohd Zain said the overall sum debited today from the 20-odd accounts belonging to his clients was more than RM1 million.

He said his clients had instructed him to send a letter of demand to CIMB over the matter.

“Today, my clients’ savings, including their salaries, were debited, leaving them with almost nothing.

“Bank Negara had explicitly instructed CIMB that reclaiming the overpaid amounts must be done fairly and transparently. Unfortunately, this appears not to be the case,” he told FMT.

Nazmi said the affected group was not a party to the 12 account holders who had filed a suit against the bank earlier. The bank denied claims of wrongdoing and vowed to defend itself.

When contacted, CIMB said today’s debit exercise affected a limited number of customers who did not engage with the bank on a fair settlement.

“As part of its recovery measures, CIMB exercised its contractual and legal right to debit the accounts of a limited number of customers who have not, directly or through lawyers, responded or engaged with the bank, despite attempts by the bank.

“The bank proceeded to set off the amounts debited against the mistaken duplicate credits received by those customers only after prior notice was given.

“All recovery measures taken are in line with industry-standard practice and after due notice and notification.

“The bank remains committed to ensuring a fair and managed resolution and we will continue to engage all affected customers who received the double credits.

“Insofar as matters that are the subject of legal proceedings, CIMB will leave this to the due process of court,” the bank said in an email to FMT.

Recently, FMT reported the grievances of CIMB customers whose account balance had a negative value and their accounts were frozen. The disgruntled customers had lodged reports with the police and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

The bank was reported to have said that the problem involved “a limited number of customers that undertook international to local transfers”, and pledged to offer a fair and managed resolution to affected customers.

BNM then ordered CIMB to ensure that whatever “recovery” measures it was taking would not burden customers, especially those unaware that the excess money had flowed into their accounts. – FMT

by: Predeep Nambiar

credit photo: TheStar

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