News | Ukrainians trapped in besieged city as fighting blocks evacuation efforts

LVIV/KYIV, Ukraine (Reuters) – About 200,000 people remained trapped in the besieged city of Mariupol on Monday after fighting stopped evacuation efforts over the weekend, with no sign that massive international sanctions were deterring Moscow from its invasion of Ukraine. Oil prices soared to their highest levels since 2008 in Asian trade after the Biden administration said it was exploring banning imports of Russian oil. Russia provides 7% of global supply. Japan, which counts Russia as its fifth-biggest supplier of crude oil, is also in discussion with the United States and European… Read More

News | TASS: Moscow to seek legally binding security guarantees from NATO countries — Lavrov

MOSCOW (Mar 1): Moscow believes that obtaining legally binding security guarantees from NATO members is of paramount importance, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a video address to the Disarmament Conference, TASS said. “[Our] Western colleagues have not yet shown any willingness to provide Russia with long-term legally binding security guarantees. <…> For us, achieving these objectives is of fundamental importance,” Lavrov emphasized. The minister stressed that the issue here is refusing NATO’s expansion any further, and abandoning the “Bucharest formula” (2008 Bucharest Summit – TASS) that sees Ukraine and Georgia becoming members of… Read More

News | Ukraine crisis: Russia warships heading to Black Sea for drills

Six Russian warships are heading to the Black Sea from the Mediterranean for naval drills, the Interfax news agency has cited Russia’s Defence Ministry as saying, in what it said was a preplanned movement of military resources. Russia announced last month its navy would stage a sweeping set of exercises involving all its fleets in January and February, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, in the latest show of strength in a surge of military activity during a standoff with the West over Ukraine. The six ships are scheduled to pass through Turkey’s straits… Read More

Berita | J&J didakwa tutup kilang senyap-senyap

NEW YORK: Syarikat Johnson & Johnson (J&J) didakwa secara senyap-senyap menutup satu-satunya kilang untuk membuat vaksin COVID-19 hujung tahun lalu, lapor New York Times (NYT) . Laporan itu yang memetik sumber rapat dengan keputusan itu berkata, pemberhentian operasi itu dikatakan sementara, apabila kilang di bandar Leiden, Belanda dijangka mula menghasilkan vaksin lagi beberapa bulan akan datang. Menurut laporan NYT, kilang itu bukan saja menjalankan eksperimen vaksin tetapi berpotensi meraih keuntungan untuk memberi perlindungan terhadap virus tidak berkaitan. J&J ketika ini menghasilkan jutaan dos vaksin COVID-19. Menurut syarikat itu menerusi e-mel, pihaknya terus… Read More