Australia to extend COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria amid Delta outbreak

SYDNEY (Reuters) -Australian authorities on Monday said Victoria state will extend a COVID-19 lockdown beyond Tuesday despite a slight drop in new infections as the country’s two biggest cities fight to stop the spread of the highly infectious Delta variant. Victoria state Premier Daniel Andrews said lockdown rules would not be lifted as cases were still being detected in the community, promising more details would be provided on Tuesday. “It would be perhaps a few days of sunshine and then there is a very high chance that we’d be back in lockdown… Read More

Indonesia catat rekod kematian doktor akibat COVID-19

JAKARTA: Jumlah doktor di Indonesia yang maut akibat COVID-19 meningkat secara mendadak pada separuh pertama Julai, menurut persatuan doktor Indonesia (IDI). Sebahagian besar kematian berpunca daripada varian Delta yang menyebabkan lonjakan jangkitan di serata negara itu. Seramai 114 doktor meninggal dunia antara 1 Julai hingga 17 Julai, jumlah tertinggi dilaporkan bagi sebarang tempoh masa yang sama sebelum ini. Jumlah itu adalah lebih 20 peratus daripada 545 kematian doktor akibat COVID-19 sejak permulaan pandemik, menurut pegawai IDI dalam satu sidang berita secara maya. Menurut seorang pegawai kanan IDI, Mahesa Paranadipa, persatuan itu bimbang… Read More

Korea plans warship airlift after mass COVID outbreak

South Korea will airlift dozens of sailors from a warship involved in anti-piracy operations in the seas off Africa after the military confirmed its biggest-ever outbreak of coronavirus, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) has said in the worst-ever outbreak in the military. A total of 247 sailors from the 301-strong Cheonghae unit tested positive, Yonhap news agency cited the JCS as saying on Monday. The unit first reported six COVID-19 cases last week, which led to virus tests being conducted on the entire crew, it added. Most of the sailors are… Read More

Hanoi imposes statewide stay-at-home order, halts many non-essential services

Vietnam’s capital Hanoi urged its citizens to stay at home from Monday and ordered a halt to many non-essential services due to new clusters of Covid-19 infections in recent days, city authorities said on Sunday. On Monday morning public address systems repeatedly told people to stay at home and city traffic was slightly down but sources say many office workers seemed to be going to work as usual. The city, which had already halted indoor restaurant service and closed salons as well as gyms, also stopped rail and bus passenger services to… Read More