News | Ukraine crisis: Russia warships heading to Black Sea for drills

Six Russian warships are heading to the Black Sea from the Mediterranean for naval drills, the Interfax news agency has cited Russia’s Defence Ministry as saying, in what it said was a preplanned movement of military resources. Russia announced last month its navy would stage a sweeping set of exercises involving all its fleets in January and February, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, in the latest show of strength in a surge of military activity during a standoff with the West over Ukraine. The six ships are scheduled to pass through Turkey’s straits… Read More

Berita | Tikus ‘wira’ pengesan periuk api di Kemboja mati

ANKARA: Tikus pengesan periuk api, Magawa yang dianggap sebagai ‘wira’ Kemboja mati pada usia lapan tahun selepas berkhidmat selama lima tahun, kata pertubuhan bukan keuntungan Pembangunan Pengesanan Periuk Api Anti-Personel (APOPO) pada Selasa. APOPO adalah organisasi Belgium yang melatih tikus gergasi Afrika untuk menyelamatkan nyawa dengan mengesan periuk api dan penyakit batuk kering. “Dengan dukacita kami berkongsi berita sedih bahawa HeroRAT Magawa mati pada hujung minggu ini,” lapor Agensi Anadolu memetik kenyataan agensi itu. “Magawa berada dalam keadaan sihat dan menghabiskan sebahagian besar minggu lalu bermain dan cergas seperti biasa, tetapi menjelang… Read More

News | Hong Kong to draw up own ‘national security’ law

Leader Carrie Lam tells new ‘patriots only’ legislature that the move will ensure territory complies with Article 23 of its mini-constitution. Hong Kong plans to create a host of new national security crimes, the Chinese-ruled city’s leader said on Wednesday, as she presided over the first session of a new legislature that excludes any political opposition. The current national security law was imposed in June 2020 in the wake of mass protests the year before, and outlaws what Beijing deems secession, subversion, terrorism and colluding with foreign forces. Hundreds – from journalists to academics,… Read More

News | Kazakhstan: More than 160 killed, 5,000 arrested during riots

Fuel price rises sparked the unrest a week ago in provincial areas but the violence quickly reached large cities. More than 160 people were killed and 5,000 arrested in Kazakhstan after the riots that shook Central Asia’s largest country over the past week. The interior ministry, quoted on Sunday by local media, said initial estimates put property damage at about 175 million euros ($198m) after the deadly violence. More than 100 businesses and banks were attacked and looted and about 400 vehicles destroyed, the ministry said. A total of 164 people, including… Read More