The Top 10 best metal covers of Beatles songs

Virtually every musical genre owes a massive debt to The Beatles, and metal is no exception. You might not hear it amid the volume, but the Fab Four’s sense of adventure and peerless way with a tune has trickled down to the decades to influence countless metal bands, many of whom have repaid the debt by covering Liverpool’s finest with varying degrees of success. We’ve gone through the thousands out there and whittled it down to the 10 best. Ghost – Here Comes The Sun (2010)Go beyond the masks and Satanic schtick,… Read More

The new issue of Metal Hammer is out now and packed with gifts

The new issue of Metal Hammer is a special edition issue that counts down the greatest songs of the 21st century (er, so far). Chosen by Hammer, our readers and some of the biggest names in metal, it’s the definitive countdown of the anthems that defined the last two decades and the stories behind them, from System Of A Down’s Chop Suey almost getting taken off the airways to Duality redefining Slipknot’s sound – and it’s absolutely packed full of gifts! It includes an epic tribute to the late Children Of Bodom… Read More

The 10 worst albums by 10 brilliant bands

Everybody has an off day, no matter how infallible they are. The problem for bands is that their off days can be preserved on album for the rest of eternity or until civilisation finally collapses, whichever comes first. Call us cruel, but we’ve assembled 10 bona fide turkeys that prove even metal’s greatest bands occasionally brainfart in public. Happy listening – and remember they all made much better records than these. Metallica – St Anger (2003)Yeah, Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed on Lulu was hard to swallow – but it was meant… Read More

Korn announce global streaming event Korn: Monumental

Korn have announced details of their online live event Korn: Monumental, which will stream globally on April 24. The concert will be broadcast from the set of Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience in Los Angeles, an immersive drive-in based on the Netflix show Stranger Things. It will include a mix of rare deep cuts and Korn classics as well as the live debut of many tracks from Korn’s most recent album The Nothing, which the band were unable to properly tour due to Covid. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says: “We hope you… Read More