‘Hand of God’ died at age 60

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has passed away at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack. Maradona was subsequently released from hospital as an outpatient to continue his convalescence, which he carried out in his dwelling in a private neighbourhood near Tigre, northern Buenos Aires. But on Wednesday morning he suffered cardiac arrest, and paramedics at the scene failed to revive him. He scored five goals over the course of the tournament to finish second behind England’s Gary Lineker in the top scorer rankings, with the pair meeting in a… Read More

Today In History: Hail the Heroes!

22 October 1957, IPOH: Perak welcomed its football team at Ipoh’s railway station as the Malaya Cup made its away back to the State after a 26-year absence. Underdog Perak wrested the Malaya Cup trophy away from defending champions Selangor in a thrilling final witnessed by a 17,000-strong crowd. The match saw Selangor equalise in the second half with two strongly-contested goals, but Perak managed to score a last-minute clincher for a final score of 3-2. The team held the trophy aloft in triumph as they were carried around Ipoh in cars…. Read More

Today In History: Schumi wins Malaysian Grand Prix

21 October 2000, Sepang: The crowds went wild and the circuit was a sea of Ferrari red when newly-crowned world champion Michael Schumacher, in winning the Malaysian Grand Prix, ensured that Ferrari retained the constructors title with 170 points to Mclaren’s 152. Schumacher had won his third world title in Japan two weeks ago, becoming the first Ferrari driver since South African Jody Scheckter in 1979 to take the championship. It was Schumacher’s ninth victory of a triumphant season, equalling the all-time record, his fourth win in succession and the 44th of… Read More

Komuniti | Aktiviti Mendaki Erat Hubungan Masyarakat

Aktiviti mendaki bukit kini menjadi kegiatan sosial yang popular di kalangan masyarakat. Sebelum ini, aktiviti mendaki dilihat begitu ‘ekslusif’ yang hanya melibatkan peminat-peminat aktiviti lasak. Senario itu kini sudah berbeza. Ia menjadi aktiviti lasak yang melibatkan masyarakat bukan golongan khusus semata-mata. Selain mendekatkan masyarakat dengan keperihatinan terhadap alam sekitar ia menjadi penghubung mengeratkan pergaulan masyarakat dan organisasi. Wanita Muda Jelebu dan Penggerak Komuniti Negara Parlimen Jelebu telah mengadakan aktiviti mendaki Bukit Batu Sawa di Pertang, Jelebu pada 27 September 2020 lepas. Seramai 50 orang peserta pelbagai lapisan umur terlibat menjayakan aktiviti pendakian… Read More