Firefighters : Malaysian Heroes for 137 Years

Do you know that Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia is one of the oldest service after The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)?

On 4th May 2020, the Fire and Rescue Department marked its 137th anniversary.

The first fire service in this country started in 1883, which was led by H.F Bellamy. This department was also known as ‘Selangor Free Rescue Volunteers’.

After Second World War, the Malayan Union Fire Service (Mus) which based in Kuala Lumpur, was initiated with Flight Lt. W.J Gerumandi as the director.

Then, on 15th May 1981, the team was upgraded and named Fire Department of Malaysia.

It was then upgraded again on 8th January 1997, with the introduction of new logo, flag and name. The department is now known as Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, with 14,400 firefighters giving their best efforts for the well-being of Malaysians.


RM1 Milion Approved For Jasin’s New Market

RM1 million was approved for the initial construction work of the new market proposal in Jasin.

This was announced by Housing and Local Government Minister, YB Zuraida Kamaruddin.

The Jasin Municipal Council proposed a new one-acre Jasin market site with various facilities, including wet & dry goods stalls, food courts, and public toilets.

The initiative is believed to provide a better environment for businesses, especially after the Covid-19 crisis.


Pemaju Harus Tumpu Perumahan Mampu Milik – Zuraida

Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, YB Zuraida Kamaruddin menggesa pemaju menumpukan kepada pembangunan perumahan mampu milik berharga RM500,000 ke bawah untuk projek baharu akan datang.

“Kita tumpukan kepada projek mampu milik kerana kita perlukan perumahan sedemikian. Ini tidak bermakna kita halang mereka daripada membangunkan projek premium, cuma nasihat kita (tumpukan pada projek mampu milik),” katanya kepada pemberita.

Menurut Zuraida, Kementerian turut bercadang untuk berbincang dengan kerajaan negeri bagi menyemak semula syarat serta harga jualan hartanah membabitkan warga asing agar menyelesaikan isu lambakan, sekali gus memulihkan ekonomi negeri dan persekutuan.

Local Governments To Increase Revenue Collection Post-MCO

Local authorities were proposed with several measures in order to increase their revenue collection after experiencing up to 10 percent fall since the Movement Control Order in March.

Housing and Local Government Minister, YB Zuraida Kamaruddin said one of the measures was to carry out “whitening” process against illegal traders.

She said the ministry would also consider the proposal to set up a One Stop Centre (OSC) to expedite the application of business licences in the hope of enabling the recovery of business activities.