Joe Biden sworn in as US president, says ‘democracy has prevailed’

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK — Joseph R. Biden Jr. is being inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president. But after weeks of tension and a violent attempt to block certification of his election by predecessor Donald Trump, he inherits a country that is as divided politically and racially as it is hurting from the effects of COVID-19. Here are the latest developments during Biden’s first 100 days in office, as his administration attempts to fulfill his electoral promise: “Help is on the way.”

Biden elected new US President

Joe Biden has been elected as the United States new President, CNN and other US media reported on Sunday. Earlier projections of victory was made when Biden crossed the 270 votes count but several media held back but now he has gained past 290 votes, making him the clear winner against Republican Donald Trump, almost all media organisations here said. BERNAMA