Stop Politicising ‘BenderaPutih’ issue

KUALA LUMPUR :- The National Community Movement (PKN) urged all political parties, especially the opposition to set aside political differences and join hands together in helping Malaysians in dire needs during Covid-19 pandemic. Selangor PKN secretary, Muhamad Shazlee Muhamad Nazlee said labelling the Government as ‘Kerajaan Gagal’ will not help the ‘Rakyat’ but making things worse by stopping aids from reaching those in needs. “Stop politicising and manipulating Malaysians on the ‘BenderaPutih’ campaign. The campaign is a citizens’ initiative and effort in helping community in distress around their neighbourhood. The campaign’s objective… Read More

House in EMCO area first to raise white flag in Sabah capital

KOTA KINABALU: A house initially containing 18 people is believed to be the first in the state capital to raise the white flag after its occupants almost ran out of food supply. But the terraced house at Taman Public in Likas here has since been left with only nine occupants with the rest having been sent to treatment centres after contracting Covid-19. The house has been identified as a cluster at the housing area which will go under enhanced movement control order (EMCO) for 14 days starting today. All the remaining occupants… Read More

Pemimpin, orang agama perlu ‘husnuzon’ kempen bendera putih, kata Puad

PETALING JAYA: Para pemimpin dan agamawan perlu bersangka baik dan bukannya membantah terhadap kempen menaikkan bendera putih, kata Ahli majlis kerja tertinggi Umno Puad Zarkashi. Puad membantah tanggapan yang mendakwa menaikkan bendera putih sebagai tindakan mengalah dan bermotifkan propaganda politik untuk memberi imej buruk terhadap kerajaan. “Sepatutnya pemimpin dan orang agama lebih sesuai ambil sikap “husnuzon” iaitu bersangka baik, ada MB (menteri besar) dan orang agama yang tidak setuju kempen menaikkan bendera putih. Tujuannya batil. “Kenapa batil? Kerana ia propaganda politik. Motifnya ialah untuk burukkan dan jatuhkan kerajaan PN (Perikatan Nasional). Ke… Read More

‘Fly the white flag to signal for help’ campaign takes off

PETALING JAYA: A new campaign that’s gaining traction calls for people to reach out for help if they are struggling instead of taking drastic actions. The campaign, which was launched on social media recently, said people should send out a “white flag” to indicate they need assistance, especially in terms of necessities, as the country remains in lockdown indefinitely. “Raise the white flag if you need help, there is no need to beg or feel ashamed. “Don’t take actions that may harm yourself and your loved ones.” The campaign has been widely… Read More