U.S., Japan, South Korea send clear message to N.Korea – U.S. diplomat

TOKYO (Reuters) – The United States, Japan and South Korea are sending a clear message with their coordination on policy towards North Korea, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday, despite some recent friction between the two Asian allies. “That close coordination sends a very critical message to North Korea in that we are together and shoulder-to-shoulder in our approach to this policy,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told reporters after meeting the vice foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea. The three-way talks were held in Tokyo despite frayed… Read More

North Koreans worry over ’emaciated’ Kim Jong Un, state media says

SEOUL (Reuters) – Everyone in North Korea is heartbroken over leader Kim Jong Un’s apparent weight loss, said an unidentified resident of Pyongyang quoted on the country’s tightly controlled state media, after watching recent video footage of Kim. The rare public comment on Kim’s health come after foreign analysts noted in early June that the autocratic leader, who is believed to be 37, appeared to have lost a noticeable amount of weight. “Seeing respected general secretary (Kim Jong Un) looking emaciated breaks our people’s heart so much,” the man said in an… Read More

North Korean extradited from Malaysia appears in US court on sanctions-evasion money laundering charges

WASHINGTON, March 23 — A North Korean businessman accused by the United States of laundering money to circumvent US and UN sanctions intended to curb his country’s nuclear weapons programme appeared in a US court yesterday after extradition from Malaysia. The US Justice Department said Mun Chol-myong, who it said was affiliated with North Korea’s primary intelligence organisation, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, was the first North Korean ever extradited to the United States. It said Mun appeared in federal court in Washington, where he was indicted in May 2019 on six counts… Read More